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 I love shooting weddings so much. Its got its rules and in some ways its a very orchestrated event, you know what’s going to happen, you know when people are going to do what. And yet you know nothing. Every wedding is completely different, every couple adds something new to the mix. I love being there to capture their day and I hate being in the way. You won’t find me running around telling people what to do, telling people to hurry up, setting up shots is what im good at. I try and walk in with a sense of naivety. I try and capture the events as they happen.

I know the story is there, all the beauty and drama, all the characters and the details. I’ve started to trust the day. It will be beautiful, people will be relaxed with me around, I don’t have to tell them what to do, where to look. I watch the story unveil and try to capture every bit of it. Today I work as a photographer capturing these things the way I see them.

I’ve realised I’m good at telling stories – long and short – mine and others – and there’s nothing I love more. I don’t need to do much, the stories are already there. You won’t see me creating moments, telling the groomsmen to “fight” with the groom or hear me tell dad to hug his daughter before walking her down the aisle. He probably will anyway and if he does, I will capture that moment, because that is the moment that matters.

I feel exceptionally lucky to be a part of one of the most precious days in a couple’s life, and to me, it’s more than a job. I totally appreciate the importance of my role and never underestimate the trust that my clients put in me.

I’ve learned to listen to the stories presented to me.


I’m not there to tell mine.


I’m there to tell yours.



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